Location Shoot - River Don!!!

March 22, 2016

Its great to get out and about now the weather is starting to get a little better. It might not be warm yet but that bitter cold wind has gone which means its almost time for me to go camping. I really love the outdoors, and the more time I get to spend in it the happier I am.


Now, lets talk about teenagers. They're a pain to take nice photos we all know its true, but I have a few tips and hints for you.​


1. Get them outdoors in a natural environment for them. I don't mean a dark smelly cave, but something more interesting than a plain backdrop. backdrops are fine and make really nice photos of everyone but you often find that teenagers are just too cool for that! ​​


2. Try to get them away from their parents, they will act more naturally and they don't have to keep pretending they are grumpy all the time.


3. Give them some choices to make. Let them be part of the shoot so they feel they have some control. After all they know best, right?


If you want good results you have to make everyone feel comfortable and happy. Fake smiles just lead to fake photos. Remember not everyone smiles the way you do or the way you want them too. ​​I do my best to capture true emotion.


Yes I want a lovely shot with perfect lighting and a wonderful model who knows how to make all the right moves, but this isn't always possible... It rarely is. I feel we got some great photos today and had a great time doing it. I think this is one of my new spots so expect lots more photos to come.






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