Wedding - Mr and Mrs Bowles

April 25, 2016


The first wedding of the season is done. We had an absolutely fantastic time with the bride and groom. They were so laid back and fun to be around they made the day enjoyable for everyone... Even in the RAIN!


Below is a short slide show which shows some of the photos from the day together with the music from the first dance.



The day started like most days in our house, a loud wakeup call from Oscar (8 months) followed quickly by Kaylum and Harri (5 and 4) at around 6am. thankfully we packed the non valuables in the car the night before so we only really needed to grab our cameras and get out the door.


The wedding took place at the Kingdom Hall in Bishop Auckland so it was a good drive. Thankfully the roads were clear and we managed to zip up the A1 in no time.


Gemma spent her morning with the Bride and I headed over to the grooms house. Tom was a blast to be around and showed no signs of nerves in the morning. By the time I arrived he was already dressed along with 2 of his groomsmen so we could start taking photos straight away. This is my favourite.



The wedding was at the Kingdom Hall at 12:30 and everyone was on time. Tom was earlier as you would expect and was starting to look a little more keen to get things moving along. Nervous isn't the right word to use as he was really calm still, but you could sense things had changed from the morning. Karina arrived in a stunning car, I'm not sure what type it was but it looked lovely. There's a photo on our website which you can have a look at, or a brief glimpse in the video above. If you know what car it is feel free to comment so we all know. I managed to capture this moment between Karina and her father as they walked in the Hall, it's stunning!



The wedding itself was fantastic, Gemma captured moments from the front whilst I waited at the back. The wedding talk was amazing, the way the Elder at the Hall (my uncle Doug) described the joining of 2 people and the strength when united really hit home, and it made me think about how lucky I am to have Gemma and how we have made it through some tough times. I really don't know what I would do without her!


Once the wedding was over we headed to the Manor House Hotel for the wedding breakfast and reception. We captured some great shots of Karina and Tom around the hotel, and outside in the pouring rain... Was a good job we brought some umbrellas with us!


For the evening celebration we setup a mini photo booth which all the guests loved. Its a great way of getting the shots of people who hate photos. They get to be a little silly and don't mind so much, you can always grab a nice shot of them after they put the props down. The first dance was amazing, on the fly the brides father let go of his daughter and started to wave goodbye as the groom came in to take over the dance. It was such a touching moment, and something I will remember for along time.


It was then time to hit the road and head home. We got in at 11:30pm, we were both tired and ready for bed. And that was the day over right? Nope, we then had 3000 images to go through and edit to make sure this bride got exactly what she wanted. Judging by the review she left us we managed that perfectly.


"Gemma and James were amazing on our wedding day. They made us feel comfortable and listened to our ideas and made them better. They worked for hours and in the rain to make our wedding day look amazing and it totally did! We saw all the pictures this morning and wow they were stunning! ! And so many! I would definitely recommend them and will be using them over and over for all occasions! Thank you guys. Sincerely. From me and Tom. Xx"


-Karina Bowles 2016

















I would like to say a special thank you to my cousin Sarah Urquhart for supporting us on the day and helping organise all the people.




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First dance music - I'm Gonna Be - Sleeping At Last